Self-portraiture has always been something I have enjoyed exploring. It's a very therapeutic process and a way for me to express myself. It's like an easy way out when I don't feel like being me. I can turn myself into someone else for a brief moment. Most of my self-portraits are rooted deeply with personal issues.

I have different versions of myself that exists somewhere in my psyche. They are all me but just don't look like me. I spent a lot of my time growing up being very critical of the way that I looked. I spent years feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. Sometimes I just wanted to hop out of the body of who I was and take on an entirely different form. Even in my twenties, I get this feeling like I just need to leave and start over. And maybe this is why I find self-portraiture so therapeutic. It's a way for me to put my insides on my outsides. I show what I am feeling instead of saying what I am feeling. For a few moments, I can turn off who I am and take on a different form. Its also like a version of me is being released and I can try to let go of my past traumas. It's almost like I can release an inner emotion and clear my headspace.

I mean sometimes it's not that deep and I just like dressing up for fun.

Here is the most recent self-portrait series I worked on. I saw a wig at the dollar store for 4$ and instantly was inspired.