Creative process

Embracing the Creative Process

I always thought it would be cool to get inside the mind of some of my favourite creators and understand the headspace they get into while doing their thing. Why do they create the things that they do? and How do they get there? Then I started to think about my creative process.

My mind is very sporadic. It doesn't work in a linear fashion. When it comes to my creative process; it is messy. I try to keep things neat because mess stresses me out. But when I am in my zone I space out and solely focus on what I am trying to create. It's like I throw my brain all over my bedroom floor in hopes that something comes out it. It usually just results in crumpled paper, paints, and broken pencils all over my room.

I tried to fight my messy habits for a long time. I like to keep my area clean because I find it helps with stress. But why am I trying so hard to fight a natural habit? If my messiness is what helps me get my ideas out, why should I feel ashamed about that? Instead of being scared of the chaos that goes on in my head, I just learned how to embrace it.

I stopped trying to repel the messy thoughts and mindmaps that I felt form in my head. And I would just try to understand where they were going to end.

I think my chaotic way of thinking proves through my love of collages. They are organized in a very messy way. They help me visualize my ideas and feelings and inspiration in a way that makes sense to me.

Not to mention you can get some pretty hecking sweet colour schemes out of them. Here are some of my least favourite photos o have ever taken. Unfortunately, they are recent ones that I submitted for my portfolio in school. Enjoy!